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All Things Noted

A poet has no rights but the right to explain the silence
He moves between thunderstorms and harsh words
critics cry” that’s the most absurd use of verbage”

but I’m not a passerby on life’s spinning wheel,
I’m what started this voyage,
To cry out to those who feel life’s poison

To those who delay this mental play
Your actions will be noted
When you read the book of your life
You’ll find those disappointed

The re-birth of this age will be in consciousness not apathy
When we accept flaws and achieve points-of-matter hearts
Maybe then we’ll be saved

With the daggers of darkness pointing at me, How could I be vague?
Forward-reaching as always, truth-seeking and into these caverns I cave

Its not that we don’t know what’s right,
Its that we’re taught to look the other way
Then we look inward and part of us is trapped
Its no wonder to me,
What could’ve been freed,
Your injustice has enslaved,

So if being an oddity threatens what you’ve yet to achieve
Know that you can tame the force against you,
The conformers gravity,

and bless you unique souls who in your brilliance create calamity,
Only in your countenance I observe, your first and second death,
being to being

I was freed on a page of your wit,
It was then you’d given birth as a male and given life to the masses.

copyright2014@Erik Estabrook

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2 Responses to “All Things Noted”

  1. Jeanne says:

    I have just found you via autism brainstorm and watched Kathleen’s interview with you. I love your poems. I look forward to reading/hearing them all.

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